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Bespoke Luxury Marketing

We transform businesses’ branding and how companies market themselves. We transform how CEOs work day-to-day and how they feel about their work day-to-day, from stressed to confident. Does this sound like you?

We only work with a select number of clients because we are hands-on, we give you our full attention, and you get results.

Once we bridge the gap between “doing what you say, and saying what you do”, you can greatly increase customer retention and loyalty, which keeps your best customers coming back, and even encourages organic, word of mouth referrals.

a reputation gained by years of professional experience

What We’re Known For


It’s our commitment that emails and requests will receive a response within 24 hours. You matter, and you’ll feel it.

Attention to Detail

From punctuation to color uniformity – you name it – we LIVE for finding consistency across your brand channels.

Active Listening

We aren’t waiting to sell you something. We ask thoughtful questions that will lead to meaningful solutions.

Level of Expertise

We bring more than 18 years experience in branding, luxury marketing, advertising, travel and strategic partnerships.

Meet Rachel Hale

A consummate world traveler with a penchant for all things luxury, Rachel’s early years took her around the globe meeting Presidents and interviewing Prime Ministers from Pakistan to Trinidad, Mongolia to Brazil, Saudi Arabia to Argentina (and beyond) while working for Fortune, Forbes, USA Today, The Daily Telegraph, and other international publications.


Her wanderlust led her to Miami for eight years to further master strategic media partnerships for some of the leading luxury publishing brands, including DEPARTURES, Travel + Leisure, FOOD & WINE, and others.


When she met her life partner who shares her desire for adventure, she decided to make The Bahamas her permanent home, together with their three rescue dogs (she’s got a passion for transformations).


With extensive experience in marketing, presenting flashy marketing proposals and pitches, it wasn’t until she pivoted to the client side that she got a glimpse into operations. What she realized was how infrequent the operational side was hitting the mark of the outward brand promise. There was a disconnect between the marketing message and the actual deliverables, which created real issues in the customer experience. This all had ramifications for customer retention, loyalty, word of mouth, reputation management, etc. that couldn’t be solved through marketing alone.



This is how the hale effect was born – to create connections between marketing and operations and ensure they are aligned.

Our Services


  • Discovering your brand’s mission and finding your brand’s voice

  • Consolidating your brand’s look, logo, and tagline

  • Building out your brand story and defining your brand’s desired impact 

  • Identifying key performance indicators (KPIs) for success 

  • Developing your website to convey your message

  • Creating print and digital marketing collateral 

  • Defining a social media strategy that targets your KPIs and your target audience 

  • Analyzing the competitive landscape to find your unique selling proposition for brand positioning


  • Enhancing your customer experience

  • Increasing customer retention

  • Ensuring your brand promise matches your brand deliverables

  • Creating customer/guest expectations that your brand can achieve repeatedly

  • Setting you up for scalable success


  • Anticipating event demands and preparing for them

  • Formulating timelines and ensuring they are met

  • Coordinating vendors, staff, and venues under tight deadlines

  • Utilizing event software to streamline details


  • Utilizing a mature network of contacts in hospitality, media, yachting, aviation, and a plethora of game changing creative geniuses to create partnerships that are naturally aligned with your brand

  • Structuring partnership arrangements that are sustainable and will help to scale your business exponentially

the hale effect speaks to that extra special level of service and attentiveness that you need for your business in marketing, branding, business development, customer journey implementation and event consultation.

The Hale Effect In The Wild

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    Work With Us

    We’re human and we are luxury consumers ourselves. We know what motivates people to buy a product or service. We value authenticity and doing things with a reason.


    Let’s do this!

    Thank you Rachel! I want you to know how much I appreciate your support and dedication to the outcome of all our events.

    Mish Lavagnino – Boy Meets Girl Weddings

    Thank you again for all!!!! YOU are the absolute best and equally a true TREAT to work together on this!!

    Erika Lavyne – Atlantis

    Rachel, great job on landing [client]!! You’re working this one – so nice to see their healthy budget!

    Congrats on all you’ve done to move this forward 😊

    Jill Stone – Blue Group Media

    Big shout out to Rachel Hale who is coordinating all of this festival for Atlantis. Thank you for your incredible partnership and attention to detail during the process. Herding the cats is a hell of a responsibility!

    Phillip Jarrell – WEBB Banks